Lately I've been wondering if there's something big we're all missing. I mean, really big. Science, as amazingly far as we've come, understands pretty much all experiential energy along the electromagnetic spectrum. Visible light is a miniscule section of the spectrum including radio, microwave, infrared, ultraviolet, x-ray and gamma ray radiation. We've developed ways to harness, manipulate and in some cases protect against waves all the way along it.

We might keep looking for new frequencies at either end, and we’ll probably find some, but that’s small compared to what we’re due to find. It’s been too long since our last paradigm overhaul. Provided we’re not headed into another dark age, I’m excited about the complete reformatting of everything I have known, know or will know. Plus, the scientific method has been getting on my nerves since middle school.

I think we’re going to encounter a spectrum of energy that is inextricably integrated with our lives, but completely alien to the western scientific understanding with which we have become so comfortable. I certainly hope so. I’d love to see the most brilliant scientific minds bow to find out what Buddhist monks have known for millennia. Or for them to study the energies of empaths and psychics.

I don’t know what’s coming, obviously. If anyone did know, it would already be here; that’s how discovery works. I just have a feeling that it’s beyond me.