Originally posted to Facebook on the morning of November 9, 2016, when we had all woken up to what felt like a different America.

The nature of American character did not change yesterday. Our ability to deny it was only taken away. Today I remember that truth is cruel, but a gift.

The world of love and kindness that we wanted seems further away; and it seems the simpler path to it is closed. But the simpler path may have always been an illusion. We can not shape America without the consent of half of its citizens.

Mourn as you need. Take the day, week, month or year. When you are done, don't join the battlefield. Join the conversation, willing to listen, understand and compromise. We are not here to wage war on our brothers; they are not going anywhere. We need their hearts, minds and hands to build the world we dream of. Breaking down the barriers is the task now. No matter how it looks and feels, it is not impossible, and even if it were, it is the only dream worth striving for.