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Infinitesimal Designs Intro


Infinitesimal Designs Intro


Limited Inventory Sale.

I have some pieces that remained after my last art show. Check it out!

Stay tuned.

I'm currently developing new products for a 2018 line.

Keep watch here and on our Facebook page for more info.



the tesselation patterns and finish options

Voronoi Beech (Mahogany)

Chaotic Webbing (Mahogany)

Roundabout (Mahogany)

Roundabout (Mahogany)

Cumulus (Mahogany)

Twisted Alder (Mahogany)

Corkscrew Hazel (Mahogany)

Voronoi Beech (Layered Cherry)

Chaotic Webbing (Layered Cherry)

Roundabout (Layered Cherry)

Cumulus (Layered Cherry)

Twisted Alder (Layered Cherry)

Corkscrew Hazel (Layered Cherry)

New Page

New Page

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infinitesimal designs

In math, infinitesimals are too small to be measured. Yet we know they still have properties: angle, and slope. Infinitely small things still serve to remind us of real infinity, of the boundless horizon of knowledge out there.

That's what drives me. My designs and products are driven by an exploration of idea, knowledge, technique. I am a jack constantly seeking new trades to explore, knowing that "all" will always be beyond my reach.